Stuart R. Levine

  • Making the Most of Meetings: Guest Opinion

    Effective communication, especially related to meetings, increases productivity, saves time and most importantly strengthens organizational leadership capacity. Surveys of executives show that they can spend up to 40% or 50% of their time in meetings. Furthermore many executives observe that up to 50% of the time people spend in meetings...

  • Making the Most of Meetings

    Some ground rules for making the most of face time round the table for busy managers and executives.

  • Guest Opinion: Satisfied Employees Create Loyal Members

    I advise clients to focus on putting the customer or member in control. To do so in a service economy, leaders must focus on both employees facing the customer as well as the customers themselves. A Harvard Business Review article, “Putting the Service-Profit Chain to Work,” written nearly 20 years...

  • Guest Opinion: Hanging On to Those Old Values

    Over the years, I have seen the mission and values of the credit union industry expressed in the service brought to its members. I find that looking at the roots of an institution can ­remind us of its mission and values and connect us to those who have gone before...

  • Continuing the Industry’s Values for 165 Years

    This Opinion piece looks at 165 years of credit union history and the movement's continuing values and principles.

  • How Zara Took Customer Focus to New Heights

    Zara is the flagship store of the Inditex group, the world’s largest clothing retailer. The company is an excellent example of how putting the customer in control, having collaboration infused into the culture, building seamless communication into the organization, using big data in day-to-day operations and implementing very effective processes...

  • Leaders Lean Forward Into Opportunities Ahead

    This past Sunday, we watched the news talk shows featuring various governmental leaders from both sides of the aisle explain their positions on sequestration and its implications for the U.S economy. Despite the rhetoric and general mediocrity of the talking heads from Washington, D.C, I am very positive about this...

  • Leaders Lean Forward into Opportunities Ahead

    Don’t get distracted by the Washington bureaucrats that deaden the brain and your creative thinking. Build business plans that have accountability and responsibility to members.

  • Guest Opinion: Management’s Big Data Challenge

    You have probably been seeing the term big data popping up in many places. It has entered the business vernacular.

  • Big Data: The Management Challenge

    Big Data has entered the business vernacular. Credit union managers need to know what it means and what it can do.

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