Marvin C. Umholtz

  • Diversity Mandates: Debate

    Municipal Credit Union Chairman Mark Brantley and Consultant Marvin Umholtz provide point and counterpoint on Dodd-Frank mandated diversity initiatives.

  • Letter: Matz Is Dead Wrong on Dodd-Frank

    CUA Board Chairman Debbie Matz has a right to her opinion about the Dodd-Frank Act. No matter how wrong. And as her July 27 Guest Opinion so clearly demonstrated, on the topic of the Dodd-Frank Act, Matz is really, really, really wrong.

  • NCUA’s Rulemaking Pendulum Has Swung Too Far

    Unfortunately, it has become increasingly difficult for the credit union industry to discuss the NCUA board’s regulatory rulemaking without a profusion of expletives. The NCUA’s regulatory pendulum has swung from the overly permissive cheerleading that led to the corporate credit union crisis to the opposite extreme of paralyzing restrictions and...

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