Henry Wirz

  • Core Vendors Not Out for Blood

    Thanks for the Oct. 15 article, “Firms Circle Credit Unions in Growing Core Space.” I agree that among our peer credit unions, core conversion is the main item on the business plan. SAFE Credit Union will begin our search process this year and convert during the two-year period following our...

  • Payments Yields Better Directors: Letter

    I enjoyed reading Sarah Snell Cooke’s support of paying directors. I think paid directors will give credit unions another tool to manage their credit union better.

  • Guest Opinion: A Freed NCUSIF Would Nip NCUA’s Overreach

    After the Berlin Wall came down, Congress decided to cash in the peace dividend and began closing military bases. One of the bases that closed was our primary sponsor, McClellan Air Force Base. We decided to convert to a community field of membership

  • Independent NCUSIF Nips NCUA’s Overreach

    California credit union CEO questions NCUA's ability to examine fairly, calls for Congress to give credit unions an independent insurer.

  • Disclose the Score and Take the CAMEL Through the Eye of a Needle: Opinion

    My credit union lost $23 million when WesCorp failed so I can say I have 23 million reasons to want CAMEL ratings disclosed.

  • Disclose the Score: Take the CAMEL Through the Eye of a Needle

    My credit union lost $23 million when WesCorp failed so I can say I have 23 million reasons to want CAMEL ratings disclosed.

  • Letter: Meltdown’s Impact on Small Credit Unions

    The decline in the number of small credit unions is very visible. I just finished an analysis of the local credit unions in my service area, and I think I have found some interesting information that may explain what is happening. I looked at the last five year period, June...

  • Letter: Ed Speed’s Views Are ‘Just Plain Wrong’

    I read with great interest Edward Speed’s Guest Opinion [July 18 issue, page 12]. I appreciate Speed sharing his thoughts about regulators, trade associations, CUSOs and business lending. We need to dialog about the issues we face so that collectively we can make the right decisions.

  • Charter Change to a Bank Does Not Have to Change Service

    I enjoyed reading the letter from Robert J Larison, who was the CEO of Atlantic Coast FCU and then converted to a mutual savings bank [Nov. 9 issue, page 10]. His letter reminds me of Flip Wilson's character Geraldine, who always said, “The devil made me do it.”

  • Letter: Small Credit Unions Need to Grow Their Memberships

    Regarding “Reports of the Death of Small Credit Unions Are Greatly Exaggerated,” cutimes.com, July 21. I agree with Mike Schenk that the death of small credit unions is exaggerated. Whenever you are talking about such a large group (there are over 6,000 credit unions with under $100 million in assets),...

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