Credit Union Times Magazine September 4, 2013

Featured Story

  • Parties Urge Court to Keep Debit Interchange Rule

    In briefs filed August 28, all parties to a recent decision overturning the Federal Reserve’s debit interchange regulation urged U.S. District Court Judge Richard Leon to leave it in place until further appeals of his July 31 decision are exhausted.

  • CEO Unsure Why Board Denied Contract

    Richard Simonton, who has served as president/CEO of AOD Federal Credit Union for nine months, told Credit Union Times he is not sure why the cooperative’s board of directors denied his request for a commitment for future employment.

Front Page News

  • California Passes New Assessment Matrix

    If the three largest state-chartered credit unions in California were to convert to federal charters, the state’s regulator would lose $1.7 million of its $7.2 million budget, leaving small and midsize state-chartered credit unions to subsidize that loss.


Editor-in-Chief's Column


  • NCUA MBS Suits Score Appeal Win

    The NCUA won a big legal victory Aug. 27 when the U.S. 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver ruled the regulator can proceed with its claims against Wall Street firms over mortgage backed securities sold to the failed U.S. Central Federal Credit Union.





  • Branch Evolution More than Adding Technology: Guest Opinion

    It’s estimated that consumers spend at least two days per year waiting in line for services at retail environments. This cross-market frustration, spurred on by the preferences of the Gen Y consumer, is leading credit unions to transform branch operations, with an emphasis on providing interactive, self-service options.

  • Technology and People are Both Strategic Priorities: Guest Opinion

    We continue to address foundational ways to increase leadership capacity by focusing on mission, ethics and values and innovation. Combined with effective strategic communication, leaders establish trust, engagement, accountability and collaboration with employees and build strong relationships with customers and members.

Letters to the editor


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