Credit Union Times Magazine September 26, 2012

Front Page News

  • Recovery Uneven, But CUs Are on A Rocky Mountain High

    The economic recovery in Colorado is a rocky one, with some industries and cities rebounding while others continue to struggle. However, the state’s credit unions seem to be on a Rocky Mountain high.

  • Members Shift Into Repair Mode

    Matching contributions to employee 401(k) plans had either been scaled way back or completely eliminated as firms looked for ways to rehydrate dry revenue streams to weather the Great Recession years of 2008 and 2009.

  • Merger Plan Scrapped

    The $3.4 billion Corporate America Credit Union and the $185 million Louisiana Corporate Credit Union announced Sept. 17 that they have called off their merger plans.

  • Hard Questions on Impact of Bank Transfer Day

    With the one-year anniversary of Bank Transfer Day approaching, credit unions continue to tout how the national financial institution-switch movement helped catapult their new member figures into record territory. But that success has forced some credit unions to deal with unprofitable new accounts, an industry expert said.


Editor-in-Chief's Column

  • New-Fangled Bits and Bytes Might Help

    The NCUA is making efforts to streamline that can often go unnoticed when so many other compliance issues have been hitting credit unions. Some, such as Dodd-Frank requirements, are beyond the agency’s control. Others like the CUSO and participations rules are seemingly in perpetual limbo, lurking in a corner for...


  • Technology May Be the Cure for MFOEL Migraines

    Cloud-based computing and e-signatures are the aspirin to the multi-featured open ended lending headache credit unions have been suffering from since the NCUA first issued the rules back in 2009, said John Levy, executive vice president and co-founder for Integrated Media Management, a Linden, N.J.-based technology vendor.

  • Examiners Get Onto Your Cloud

    Matt Gerber said he’s gotten a lot of calls lately from credit unions with an immediate need they haven’t had before. The examiners are coming and his clients need to prove they have their heads in the clouds.

  • Video Tellers on Pace to Expand FOMs, Reach Underserved

    Video teller machines, which the NCUA now considers service facilities when considering credit union field of membership expansions, are poised to take root on a wide scale over the next two to three years.


  • No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

    Credit unions have a long and rich heritage of serving as trusted financial intermediaries for Main Street America. But the overwhelming burden of broad-stroke financial regulations and their attendant compliance costs have severely threatened credit unions’ ability to do what they do best, driving economic growth and stability in their...

  • ‘Selling’ Need Not Be a Dirty Word

    In 2010, the Filene Research Institute conducted a study, “Customer Experience and Credit Union Opportunities.” One of the key takeaways from the report centered on a perplexing fact.

Letters to the editor

  • Letter: The Matz-Blaine Feud Obscures Real Problems

    The Matz-Blaine tense exchange at the NASCUS Summit wastes valuable time and energy that should be better used to address real problems facing fellow citizens. (“Matz Announces Low-Income Initiative,” Sept. 12 issue, page 10.)

  • Letter: Derivative Transactions May Be Helpful to CUs

    Recently, I was introduced to a financial concept that I call interestrateriskderivativeswapcap. The word may not flow as easily, but it does have an interesting sound to it and combines, for the most part, much of what needs to be looked at when proposed as a risk-management option for credit...

  • Letter: Meltdown’s Impact on Small Credit Unions

    The decline in the number of small credit unions is very visible. I just finished an analysis of the local credit unions in my service area, and I think I have found some interesting information that may explain what is happening. I looked at the last five year period, June...

  • Letter: Benefits on a Cloud

    Thank you for bringing your readers’ attention to the benefits–and concerns by some–of cloud computing.

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