Credit Union Times Magazine September 18, 2013

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  • Court Revives Heartland Card Breach Case

    Roughly two years after initially losing, an appeals court breathed new life into 14 credit unions’ hopes to recover some of their losses from an enormous 2008 card data breach.

  • CFPB Safe Harbor Untested

    Shoring up qualified mortgage safe harbor provisions could require credit unions to double down on their traditional strengths and sharply improve documentation, according to legal experts.

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Focus Report

  • Focus Report: Marketing

    Linking traditional methods of tracking member behavior with innovative strategies centered directly in the social media space is a balance many credit unions continue to strive for in their marketing efforts. Add in newer advances such as content marketing, and the landscape widens to emphasize a shift toward more informational,...

  • Better, Cheaper Content Marketing: Guest Opinion

    The age of advertising is safely behind us. Members are overwhelmed by too many marketing messages, and have learned to tune it all out. However, don’t take that as a suggestion to reassign your credit union’s marketing staff to the teller line.

  • Member Feedback Key to Marketing Success

    The old saying about assumptions may be applicable when it comes to how well credit unions know their members.

  • Social Media Can Deliver, With Some Creativity

    Start discussing social media and the talk quickly turns to its merits or lack thereof. Despite their perceived hurdles, with a little strategic creativity, some credit unions have managed to strike the right balance.

  • Social Media Infographic

    This infographic takes a look at how well social media is integrated into marketing strategies.


Letters to the editor


  • People in the News

    The $776 million St. Mary’s Bank of Manchester, N.H., recently named Nancy Boilard its indirect business development officer. Boilard will work to increase the nation’s first credit union’s indirect lending portfolio, developing new contacts and maintaining current relationships with participating dealers. Boilard most recently was indirect lending manager at the...

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