Credit Union Times Magazine November 9, 2011

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  • Letter: Conversion Can Dash CU’s Inherent Good

    I have opted to offer an opinion on the recent announcement of impending conversion of First Technology from a credit union into a mutual. I offer the unique perspective of having gone through such a conversion in 2000.

  • Letter: Transfer Day Presents Enormous Opportunity

    Amid the general excitement about Bank Transfer Day, some commentators have urged caution upon credit unions. They have pointed out that small-dollar, single-product new members may not be profitable; that a large influx of deposits may dilute net worth ratios; and that promises that “we’ll never charge you fees” may...

  • Letter: Is Bank Transfer Day Just About Fees?

    BofA announced that it will not begin charging the $5 per month fee for using debit cards. I heard on the news this morning that the consumer won a big battle. Good for us! But good the credit union movement?


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