Credit Union Times Magazine November 7, 2012

Featured Story

  • Can the Industry Still Soar On the Wings of Transfer Day?

    Last Monday, Nov. 5, marked the first anniversary of Bank Transfer Day, a national grass-roots social media movement that motivated 664,000 consumers to join credit unions, leaving their rising big bank fees behind. What’s more, Bank Transfer Day’s unprecedented and widespread media coverage told the story of credit unions as...

Front Page News

  • Examiners Survey Soaked CUs

    The NCUA took an active approach to shoring up credit unions and consumers affected by Hurricane Sandy, making use of field examiners who placed phone calls and sent emails to their assigned credit unions in attempt to survey the damage.

  • Catalyst’s P&A

    The $3 billion Catalyst Corporate FCU announced Oct. 29 the completion of its purchase and assumption of the Phoenix-based First Corporate Credit Union, a so-called pass-through corporate that struggled to gain enough scale to replace services provided by U.S. Central FCU.


  • Lights Out in Lenexa, but NCUA Still Holds the Deed

    The NCUA shut off the lights Oct. 29 at U.S. Central’s headquarters in Lenexa, Kan., but the regulator still holds the deed to the 130,000-square-foot office building located at 9701 Renner Boulevard. NCUA Public Affairs Specialist John Fairbanks confirmed the building is still on the market after being listed for...

  • Credit Cards Are Still Industry’s Rodney Dangerfield

    Credit cards continue to be among the most productive but little appreciated credit union assets, according to executives whose job it is to help credit union learn to manage their card portfolios more profitably.

  • No Word On Sale of Autoland

    It’s been six months since the NCUA put Telesis Community Credit Union’s stake in Autoland Inc.’s up for sale, but the agency is mum on where the bidding process now stands.

  • CUs Tout Bottom Line Benefits of Employee Wellness

    More companies are helping employees to healthier lifestyles and long-term financial security, two trends likely to grow because of rising health insurance costs and uncertainties over Social Security benefits and diminishing corporate pension plans.

Editor-in-Chief's Column

  • The Absence of Light Causes Darkness

    Not voting is a vote. Not speaking up is condoning the status quo. Doing nothing is the same as doing something. The absence of light causes darkness. We all know these basic tenets yet practical application can be tricky because reality is grayer than simple clichés make it out to...

Billlionaires Club


  • Our Most Critical Issues

    It’s that time again. Time for that little event that happens once every four years and gets everyone talking about the issues that matter to them: the presidential election. Knowing the young vote can weigh heavily on an election’s outcome, the candidates usually try their best to reach out to...

  • Avoid Barney to Help Employees

    In the hit TV show How I Met Your Mother, Barney, a successful yet self-absorbed businessman played hilariously by Neil Patrick Harris, impulsively accepts a bet to run a full New York Marathon with no training – all in the name of showing his friends just how easy it is...

  • Hacked Vs. Smacked

    Every day, I struggle to remember all the passwords I need to keep my life in order. It feels like I'm going crazy at times, but I've walled off the part of my brain that tells me to take the easy way out. I can't start thinking that way. Why?...


  • People 11-7-12

  • We Need to Keep the CAMEL in the Tent

    The advocacy for the release of CAMEL ratings continues to be in the news. In my opinion, any disclosure of a CAMEL rating is clearly misguided and runs contrary to the basic underpinnings of our banking system. Our banking system rests on a three legged stool: federal deposit insurance (and...

News Briefs

  • Kane Slates His Return

    Tom Kane is returning to the $443 million Fort Campbell FCU in Clarksville, Tenn., as its president/CEO, a job he held from 2005-2007, the credit union said.

  • Growth Moments

    Interested in faster growth? Then it’s time to recognize and master the three moments of truth.

  • Small Business Record

    The SBA said its small business investment company debenture program provided a record $2.95 billion to small businesses in fiscal year 2012.

  • Plunkett Retires From Postal CU

    Russ Plunkett, who served as president/CEO of the $541 Postal Credit Union for 20 years, has retired.

  • New Call Reports

    The NCUA has announced new call reporting requirements for credit unions, codifying the recent troubled debt restructuring regulations and helps the agency keep closer tabs on delinquent auto and business loans.

  • Woodlands CU Merger Approved

    Two New Hampshire credit unions, Northeast Credit Union and Woodlands Credit Union announced last week that the merger between the two credit unions has received all necessary member and regulatory approval. Woodlands Credit Union members approved the merger via mail-in balloting as well as in-person voting during a special meeting...

  • Dodd-Frank Scribe to NCUA

    NCUA Board Chairman Debbie Matz announced the selection of Gail Laster, an attorney who helped draft the Dodd-Frank Act, to replace the retiring Kent Buckham as director of the Office of Consumer Protection.

  • Director McGrath

    Chartway Federal Credit Union in Virginia Beach, Va., said Tuesday that it was mourning the loss of longtime board member John McGrath.

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