Credit Union Times Magazine November 13, 2013

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  • Tips to Avoid Internal Fraud

    Although the NCUA recently announced it is developing new exam procedures to improve the identification of fraud risk indicators, especially at small institutions, experts agree fighting fraud requires a team effort that includes active boards, strong supervisory committees and stiff internal controls.

  • New Security Office Underway at NCUA

    The NCUA will establish a new office focused solely on agency security and continuity, but the move shouldn't have a big impact on the 2014 operating budget. Public Affairs Specialist John Fairbanks told Credit Union Times the new office will be comprised mostly of existing NCUA resources.

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  • Focus Report: Gen Y

    In their quest to make long-lasting connections with Gen Y, some credit unions are learning the hard way that authenticity may be the key. With their ability to see through fake attempts to be hip, Millennials instead crave details on how financial products and services will benefit them—and the answers...

  • No Secret Sauce for Connecting With Millennials

    In the search for the answer of how to reach Millennials, a good start may be to focus on the basics of being present, listening and customizing relevant solutions and experiences.

  • Examining Credit Union Loyalty Among Young Adults: Filene Report

    Young adults are considered the target market and they're high on the agenda of most credit unions, which is the future of our consumer base and our lending portfolios. By targeting young adults and generating loyalty, credit unions can create a lasting and profitable relationship with this growing demographic.

  • Marketing Gen Y Stats Worth Noting

    This graphic shows how and where younger consumers can be engaged, and where it's happening now.

  • Finding the Y: Guest Opinion

    We are Gen Y and the “why” is how you need to rethink everything you know about marketing because we're a cohort over 80 million strong in the U.S. alone, who, by the middle of the next decade, will constitute over a third of the workforce.


  • Ed Loan Consolidation Benefits Abound: Guest Opinion

    The problem of snowballing student loan debt is well-documented in what seems like a weekly ritual in the media. While it is true that graduates are often left with numerous loans, each with different payment schedules and terms, we hear precious little about solutions.



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