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  • OSCUI Helped Small Utah CU Survive, Thrive

    Regarding the letter from Stuart Perlitsh (“Questioning Cost of Small Credit Union Initiatives,” CU Times, April 16, 2014) I respectfully submit that we are one of the small credit unions that has benefitted directly from the involvement of the Office of Small Credit Union Initiatives at the NCUA.



  • Sallie Mae Ordered to Repay $97M

    Sallie Mae, the largest servicer of federal and private student loans, was ordered to pay $96.6 million in restitution and penalties for violating the legal rights of U.S. service members, according to the Justice Department.

  • Fair Lending Exams at 26 Credit Unions

    Twenty-six credit unions were subjected to fair lending compliance examinations in 2013, according to the NCUA's 2013 Annual Report, released May 12. In total, the NCUA's Division of Consumer Compliance Policy and Outreach spent 5,334 hours examining the credit unions, at an average of 205 hours per credit union.

  • NCUA Approves 53 Mergers in First Quarter

    The NCUA approved 53 credit union mergers in the first quarter of 2014, down from the 71 approved consolidations during last year's first quarter and 62 at the end of the 2012 first quarter.

  • Watt Lays Out FHFA Plans For GSEs

    Housing giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac could do an about-face in a renewed effort to nurture the U.S. housing market and better serve consumers seeking mortgage loans. But this time the move appears to offer greater benefits to lenders and borrowers than it does to Fannie's and Freddie's shareholders...

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