Credit Union Times Magazine March 27, 2013

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  • Auto Lending Scams Grow, Prompt Alerts

    A Lexus dealership, sun-soaked Miami Beach, a rogue police officer and nearly a dozen criminal accomplices. It might sound like the early sketches of a Hollywood action film, but the setting and characters are real.

  • Ken Burns Exit From Patelco Called ‘Amicable’

    In an “amicable” decision made between Patelco President/CEO Ken Burns and the $3.9 billion credit union’s board, Burns will resign effective sometime this summer.

  • N.C. Rep. Watt Fuels FHFA Appointment Speculation

    During the March 19 House Financial Services hearing on the conservatorships of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Rep. Mel Watt (D-N.C.) yielded back the majority of his allotted time due to “media speculation over the weekend.”

  • CFPB Silent on CU Blanket Exemptions

    Members of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Credit Union Advisory Council told Credit Union Times that CFPB officials listen to credit union concerns and seem to understand the unique relationships between credit unions and their members. However, they said, CFPB officials don’t have an answer for why they can’t...


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  • Mobile and Branches Are a Cyber Heaven Marriage: Opinion

    There’s no doubt that mobile banking has been a game changer in the financial services industry. However, given the amount of reporting done on the topic and the proclamations and predictions made, I can’t help but wonder if its impact hasn’t been over-stated. With that in...

  • Board Due Diligence on CEO Pay: Opinion

    Credit union boards collectively have many talents. With the NCUA mandate to diversify skill sets within the board more than ever, many areas of board responsibilities require directors to learn and seek consultation. One such subject that usually calls for extra help due to its complexity is CEO long-term benefits....

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