Credit Union Times Magazine March 21, 2012

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  • Near Death Reports Disputed

    In an era of participatory politicking when Facebook, Twitter and other digital tools can turn any citizen into a lobbyist, have traditional trade associations entered their twilight years?

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  • Segregation of Lending Duties Is Key

    The timing of a collaboration between two of the industry’s well-known entities to fight employee dishonesty could not have come soon enough.

  • Bachus Dodges Challenge

    U.S. Representative Spencer Bachus (R-Ala.) defeated three primary challengers to hold on to his party's nomination for his seat. Bachus is chairman of the House Financial Services Committee and received support in his campaign from CUNA's Credit Union Legislative Action Council.

  • NAFCU Calls on SBA

    In its latest push to gather support for increasing the member business lending cap, NAFCU recently called on the SBA to aid in the fight.

  • FOM Limit Discounted

    When a credit union makes the announcement that it is planning to convert to a bank, it almost always throws the industry into a tizzy.


Editor-in-Chief's Column

  • Tallying Up What We Can All Agree On

    Sitting in the sessions at the Governmental Affairs Conference or during impromptu networking sessions in the halls of the Washington Convention Center, GAC attendees are all mulling over the great successes and challenges that credit unions are experiencing every day. One thing is clear: Now more than ever is a...

People Feature


  • Cheney Assesses CUNA’s Role, Goals and Achievements

    CUNA President Bill Cheney took time last week to answer questions in advance of this week’s Governmental Affairs Conference in Washington. Below are edited excerpts of the Q&A session.

  • Do You Support CU Access To Supplemental Capital?

    The substantive economic and market-related challenges experienced nationwide over the past several years have highlighted the need for our industry to be better equipped at the strategic and operational levels to handle unforeseen market opportunities and challenges. Supplemental capital is a tool that credit unions could find useful for various...


  • Political Obsessions

    Gen Y members are similar to credit unions when it comes to politics. Not necessarily in their political viewpoints but in their depth of political involvement.

  • Foreclosures Continue to Put CUs at Risk

    In the largest multistate agreement since the tobacco settlement of 1998, the Obama administration, along with 49 state attorney generals, announced a $25 billion settlement with five of the nation’s largest banks. In addition to instances of wrongful foreclosure and fraud, the government’s investigations found that banks routinely violated the...

  • Preserving Diversity in the Credit Union System

    Given the volatile nature of the recent economic crisis, it was inevitable that pressure would build on regulators to respond to the crisis with additional regulations. Certainly some of these new regulations were promulgated in response to poor practices that exposed gaps in regulation. If credit unions are feeling overwhelmed...

  • Uncertainty and Haste Creates an Age of Chaos

    Welcome to the age of chaos. Adaptability and change are the new standards for everything. Uncertainty and haste are the new normal. Recent news reports say people are only willing to wait 250 milliseconds for a search on the Internet. Google and Bing offer replies in less than a second. And that’s still not fast enough for...

  • Speaking Out: Top Five Reasons to Crash GAC

    A group young credit union professionals have been gearing up to crash CUNA’s Governmental Affairs Conference again this year.

Letters to the editor

  • Where Was the SECU Board On CAMEL Code Release?

    While the CAMEL disclosure controversy shows no signs of slowing down, maybe it’s time for reasonable heads to prevail and allow both sides to reflect upon the fallout from State Employee’s Credit Union’s action.


  • Confusion on Hot Topics Mobile, P2P and Social Pay

    LAS VEGAS — The research by Boston-based AlixPartners exploded on the screen at BAI Payments Connect 2012. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the availability of good mobile services has emerged as a top factor in why consumers choose to change financial institutions, reported Teresa Epperson, AlixPartners managing director.

  • Will Disintermediation Turn FIs Into Utilities?

    LAS VEGAS — Who owns the customer? The customer owns the customer, said Kausik Rajgopal, a McKinsey partner and a panelist at BAI Payments Connect 2012, the annual trade show that aims to bring together payments innovators with financial institutions.

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