Credit Union Times Magazine March 20, 2013

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  • Demographic Turnover Presents Opportunities

    As the baby boomer generation begins to retire, women necessarily will play a crucial role in filling the open spaces. Our latest Women to Watch honoree, Wanda Chambers (see article, page 6), stated that “innovation is born from necessity,” and so goes the case for the promotion of female executives.

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  • The Art of the Out of Court Settlement

    Although I never actually checked, my guess is that the great majority of lawsuits that are filed seeking money damages never go to trial. Instead, they are settled between the parties out of court.

  • Leaders Lean Forward Into Opportunities Ahead

    This past Sunday, we watched the news talk shows featuring various governmental leaders from both sides of the aisle explain their positions on sequestration and its implications for the U.S economy. Despite the rhetoric and general mediocrity of the talking heads from Washington, D.C, I am very positive about this...

  • Creating Core Systems the Right Way

    I am an architect of core processing systems. There are other things I do. of course. I have been a manager, a negotiator, an educator, a salesman, and when put all together, an entrepreneur. But who I am, and what gives me satisfaction is being the developer of systems that...

  • Branching ROI in a Convenience Culture

    Millions of consumers have made the switch from banks to credit unions since Bank Transfer Day in 2011. This is good news but places pressure on the credit union industry to meet the needs of both existing members and those migrating from banks.

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