Credit Union Times Magazine June 8, 2011

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  • Keeping Tabs on Credit Union Dribs and Drabs

    There’s too much going on these days to focus on one thing. Sure there are lots of options to write about but it can also be distracting. So here’s a spin around the credit union industry in 800 words or less to highlight a few big issues.

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  • Term Limits Are Distraction as Duties Grow

    During the industry debate over board member term limits, regulators have focused on the board's responsibilities, financial literacy, qualifications and, in almost every regulatory letter, made it clear that the board is responsible for more and more of the credit union's day-to-day operations.

  • Was it a Miracle?

    I doubt that I am the only CEO who reviews the financial performance of my neighboring credit unions. So I’ll admit I’ve been watching one credit union in particular–they are of heightened interest because their parking lot adjoins our parking lot.


  • Unmask the Core Conversion Bogeyman

    There are many reasons why credit unions often loath changing core platforms–even after their contracts expire. When pressed on the issue, most executives point to some form of inertia. They’re used to their current system, used to their provider, used to their account representative.

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