Credit Union Times Magazine June 6, 2012

Featured Story

  • Mortgages: CUSOs Help CUs Reach New Heights

    Credit unions smashed through a previous record in the first-quarter 2012 when they originated 8% of all mortgages made in the U.S. Now there are signs that their success represents more of a sustainable trend than a mere statistical anomaly.

Front Page News

  • U.S. Senate FCU ‘Big Plans’ Ad Rankles

    A direct mail piece from U.S. Senate Federal Credit Union that features a buxom blonde has generated some angry reaction, some national media attention and a petition drive started by an offended member seeking an apology.

  • NCUA Files St. Paul Croatian Lawsuit

    The controversies involving the liquidated St. Paul Croatian Federal Credit Union continue, with a 32-count complaint filed May 21 in U.S. District Court in Cleveland by the NCUA.

  • MBL Sets a $12 Billion Record

    Over the past week or so, the word “billion” has come up several times in industry talk on member business lending. The first billion–make that nearly $12 billion–is the record number of member business loans that credit unions funded in 2011, setting a new record high based on fourth-quarter data from...


Editor-in-Chief's Column


Tech Bytes


  • Guest Opinion: MBL Can Help Close the Lending Shortfall

    The shifting sands of the consumer lending marketplace have caused the traditional loans (auto loans, home equity loans, and mortgages) that credit unions know and trust to either become scarce or thinly priced due to competition for each deal. Couple this with generally increasing costs, like regulatory compliance and...

  • Gen Y Back Talk: How Green Are We?

    I’ll admit it. I don’t make a conscious effort to be green. Sometimes I leave the bedroom light on. I put empty wine bottles in the trash. I use recycling bins if my apartment complex places bins outside, but if it doesn’t, I’m not going to drive around town looking...

  • Guest Opinion: Cordray, CFPB Embrace CU Principles

    Credit unions are unique in the financial world. Rarely do you find a financial institution that clearly and emphatically says it is not working for a profit.

News Briefs

  • Student Loan Debt Piles Up

    According to the Western Union Payments Money Mindset Index survey’s student debt data for the first quarter of 2012, Gen Y is more likely than any other generation to carry student loan debt, and 10% of Gen Y members are holding a hefty amount of it–$30,000 or more.

  • John Lund to Lead America First FCU

    In a management succession long in the planning stage, Utah’s $5.4 billion America First Federal Credit Union of Riverdale, Utah, named John Lund, executive vice president as president/CEO, effective Sept. 1.

  • CUNA Submits Application to Be Master of CU Domain

    CUNA last week submitted an application for “.creditunion” to the Internet Corp. for Assigned Names and Numbers, which has been taking applications from individuals and groups to buy the rights to new “top-level domain names,” also known as the words to the right of the dot in an Internet address.

  • Board Queries Website Offered by CU*Answers

    A website aimed at educating credit union board members and management with an eye toward enlivening meetings has been launched by CU*Answers.

  • Liddle Stabbing Probed as Sentencing Delayed

    William Liddle has claimed that he was stabbed by an unseen assailant on the day he was scheduled to be sentenced in court.

  • Auto Lenders Are Honored

    Seven credit unions were recently recognized by CU Direct Corp. for their lending practices and success in 2011. The credit unions were honored at CU Direct’s annual conference in Chicago in late May.

Letters to the editor

  • CUs Take Lead on Student Debt

    I was heartened by the Credit Union Times front-page story about credit unions teaching college-aged students the importance of repaying their student loans (“Credit Unions Tutor Students in the Fourth ‘R’–Repayment,” May 16.)


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