Credit Union Times Magazine July 17, 2013

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  • Letter: Fryzel Gets Man on the Street Views

    Before social media took over, there was this strange form of communication called face-to-face conversation. Two people would actually stand in the same room, look at one another and exchange thoughts and ideas through verbal interaction. For those of you who remember this form of communication, you may recall that...



  • Mortgage Rules Loom: Guest Opinion

    By now, credit union leaders have become accustomed to new regulations coming down the pike. Less awareness exists, however, for the importance of moving early on the steps it takes to comply with these new regulations.

  • Making the Most of Meetings: Guest Opinion

    Effective communication, especially related to meetings, increases productivity, saves time and most importantly strengthens organizational leadership capacity. Surveys of executives show that they can spend up to 40% or 50% of their time in meetings. Furthermore many executives observe that up to 50% of the time people spend in meetings...

  • Cooperative Trust: First, Sell Marketing Campaign Inside

    Take a moment to think about the last marketing campaign your credit union ran. Who was your target audience?

  • Business Loans Can Build Fee Income: Guest Opinion

    The lending environment is undergoing an evolution. The continual entry of new players—especially on the Internet—has sharpened competitive knives that are cutting into credit union income. Business loans are an avenue for lenders to travel, since non-interest income is becoming so critical to survival.


  • People in the News

    GHS Federal Credit Union, Binghamton, N.Y., announced the promotion of Kevin Kelly. Kelly joined GHS in the spring of 2011 and has recently been promoted to IS manager where he oversees the daily operations of GHS’s information systems, including overseeing the IS staff, managing the network, GHS’s defenses, and safeguarding...

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