Credit Union Times Magazine January 23, 2013

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  • New Mortgage Rules Make Documentation Biggest Challenge

    Because credit unions already generally abide by new final qualified mortgage and ability-to-repay rules released Jan. 10 by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the most difficult compliance burden will be to document the process, said John Bundy, compliance manager for CUNA Mutual.

  • Pano Logic Shutdown Shows Little Impact on CUs

    The out-of-the-blue October closure of Pano Logic, a Redwood City, Calif.-based provider of virtual end user systems, shocked its clients, which included at least three credit unions–the $3.4 billion Redstone Federal Credit Union of Huntsville, Ala.; the $701 million Vantage Credit Union of Bridgeton, Mo.; and the $1.35 billion Central...

  • Auto Repossessions Need Many Benchmark Tests

    As the recession snaked its way into the economy in 2008, credit unions braced for the impact it would have on members in unemployment, rising debt and underwater mortgages.


Editor-in-Chief's Column

  • Editor’s Column: Listen With Your Head and Your Heart

    You’re sitting at your desk, poring over spreadsheet after spreadsheet, making correlations, drawing conclusions and often coming up with more questions than answers. Reports flow in on new vendor possibilities and issues with existing ones that require you to analyze and determine the best course of action. Many tangible matters...

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  • FedComp Stays Committed to Small Credit Unions

    After 30 years in business, the Fairfax, Va.-based core data processing system provider FedComp Inc. made the decision to move the 130 credit unions using its Internet banking product VirtualCU onto the Boise, Idaho-based Database Management Services’ more modern HomeCU. That’s left FedComp to put more resources into its flagship...



  • Guest Opinion: Dan Mica on the New Congress

    It’s the time of the year when pundits are analyzing the recent election and predicting what will happen in the new Congress during 2013.

  • Usury Endorsed by the Government Is Repugnant

    Usury is pernicious at best, but government-endorsed usury lite helping people in dire financial straits is flat out repugnant. There is just no justification for participation in this vile activity. Government sanctioned usury lite is still hurtful to the downtrodden. There is never a valid reason to do the wrong...

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