Credit Union Times Magazine December 22, 2010

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  • CU Stats Are a Ray Of Sunshine

    As we move into 2011, I would like your readers to know there are good news stories to tell about credit unions-stories that aren't always getting the notice they deserve.

  • Potential Powers Are Dangerous

    NCUA is calling on Congress to extend the statute of limitations for bringing charges against officers and directors of failed credit unions. What's troubling

  • NCUA's Budget

    I appreciated Sarah Snell Cooke's Editor's Column in the Dec. 1 issue ["Money Doesn't Grow on Trees"]. I gave a similar message in e-mails to all of our


  • Payday Loans Are Credit Unions' Business

    Washington State Employees Credit Union created Q-Cash, a payday loan alternative, after tellers noticed checks were cashed on the line for common payday loan amounts and

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  • People

    Digital Federal Credit Union, Marlborough, Mass., appointed Scott Auen to the position of vice president of mortgage lending.

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