Credit Union Times Magazine January 25, 2017

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  • FocusReport: Mobile Banking & Payments

    A mobile strategy is a must for credit unions, and creating one that targets their specific market is key. Find out how some credit unions are doing just that, plus four reasons why traditional bill pay may become obsolete this year, in this Focus Report.

  • For CUs, Mobile Banking Is All About User Interface

    Today's mobile banking world is all about performance, user experience and interfaces. However, just as there isn't one mobile banking user type, no single solution fits all credit unions.

  • Traditional Bill Pay Products May Die in 2017: Panelists

    This could be the year traditional bill pay becomes a relic of an era when mobile phones just made phone calls, Ross and Rachel were a thing and “Bluetooth” seemed like a dental problem.

  • Making Members Out of Millennials

    For all of the attention given to millennials as the “mobile first” generation and as “digital natives,” the reality is that their financial needs and goals are not much different than those of their parents and grandparents. Millennials still need basic checking and savings accounts, and as the economy continues...

  • Imagine Predicting the Digital Future

    My four-month-old son had the (cutest) rosy cheeks, was drooling like a fountain and was trying to chew on everything he came in contact with despite his lack of hand-to-mouth coordination. It's truly a crime to start teething before your own motor skills allow you to match chew toys up...

Front Page News

  • CUs Not Ready for AI

    Artificial intelligence and machine learning are still a couple of years away from being really useful in financial planning, according to Tony Stich, director of global marketing at Advicent, a financial planning software provider. He noted that the technology is not intuitive enough yet for advisors’ purposes. First, Stich believes,...


Editor-in-Chief's Column

  • Cynicism and Facts at War

    If you’re a crime reporter for long enough, you start seeing the world through a distorted lens. Everything is evil. People are always manipulating you. The world is a terrible place. People aren't trustworthy and you have a true lack of faith.


  • Fintech Banks: A New Uber?

    The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency recently announced that it would consider applications by fintech companies to organize a national bank to conduct their activities. This should be a wake-up call for many institutions, but particularly credit unions and other community institutions. The action by the OCC was...

  • HMDA Rule Brings New Set of Challenges

    A credit union lending executive explains how to navigate the upcoming changes.

  • Show Work-Related Stress, Unhappiness the Door in 2017

    Including lunch, I spend about 45 hours at work each week. If you also factor in commuting to and from work, that's about 50 hours of my week that are solely dedicated to work-related activities, equaling 41.6% of my time during a five-day workweek.


  • People

    The $4.7 billion Ent Credit Union in Colorado Springs, Colo., promoted Mike Grady to service area manager. In his new role as one of Ent's four area managers, he will oversee operations at seven service centers including Ent's Falcon, Galley, Jetwing, Peterson Air Force Base, Schriever Air Force Base, Stetson...

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