Credit Union Times Magazine February 4, 2015

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  • Noninterest Income: Focus Report

    Small credit unions say they've experienced big noninterest income gains after launching relatively traditional services such as courtesy pay and gap coverage on auto loans. Our experts say larger credit unions should consider noninterest income opportunities in mergers and acquisitions, and debit rewards programs.

  • Small Credit Unions Get Creative to Grow Revenue

    Noninterest income, both expected and unexpected, can make a big difference for small credit unions. For two relatively new CEOs and one industry veteran all managing credit unions with less than $50 million in assets, single activities provided a real boost to their respective bottom lines.

  • Using Strategic Mergers and Acquisitions to Adapt

    Market developments and new regulations are challenging credit unions to find new sources of noninterest income in order to grow. While it can be difficult to thrive or even survive in an unstable environment, change also brings opportunity. One option for credit unions is using strategic mergers and acquisitions. The...

  • Debit is Your 2015 Engine for Revenue

    Face the camera. When Filene asked credit unions a year ago how they were planning to increase revenue in 2014, the list we got contained all the usual suspects: lending, checking accounts, mortgages. Does this sound like you?

  • Checking Account Benefits: Infographic

    Checking accounts still command loyalty and still have revenue benefits.

Editor-in-Chief's Column


Letters to the editor

  • More Cost, Little Benefit

    Larry Fazio's commentary (“Revised RBC Proposal Reflects Lessons Learned,” Jan. 22, 2015, CU Times) cites the financial crisis as the catalyst for the NCUA's second risk-based capital proposal, stating that many of the failures would have been prevented in part if this new rule had been in place.

  • RBC: Legality Matters

    We respectfully disagree with the assertion made about whether it's worthwhile for credit union industry resources to be used for finding a “legal way out of risk-based capital” (“RBC Legal Challenge Is a Waste,” Jan. 28, 2015, CU Times).



  • RBC Would Cost $760M: NAFCU

    NAFCU Director of Research/Chief Economist Curt Long estimated the NCUA's revised risk-based capital ratio proposal would cost the credit union system a total of $760 million.

  • Suncoast Wins Arena Naming Rights

    The $6 billion Suncoast Credit Union and Florida Southwestern State College have announced construction on the school's new athletic facility, the Suncoast Credit Union Arena, scheduled to break ground in mid-2015.

  • Auto Loans Account for 33% of Debt

    Consumer data firm Equifax said auto loans made up about one-third of all consumer non-mortgage debt in the U.S.

  • Ridge Joins CUNA's GAC Lineup

    Tom Ridge, the first U.S. Department of Homeland Security Secretary, will deliver a keynote address at CUNA's Governmental Affairs Conference in March.

  • Debit Costs Decline: Study

    A new white paper released by the Merchant Advisory Group revealed the Federal Reserve's debit interchange regulation has kept debt interchange rates high at the same time that costs to process debit transactions have been falling.


  • People

    The $521 million IC Federal Credit Union in Fitchburg, Mass., announced Brenda Bujnevicie as SVP of mortgage lending & loss mitigation; Christine Lane was promoted to SVP of risk & budget; Bruce Mathieu was promoted to SVP of retail & consumer lending; Philip Richards is now SVP of operations &...

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