Credit Union Times Magazine August-25, 2010

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  • Third Degree Advertising Opens Durham Branch

    Third Degree Advertising, an Oklahoma City agency, has opened an office in Durham, N.C., its very first expansion on the East Coast aimed at serving an industry intent on leveraging CU advantages over banks.

  • Help for Small CUs

    Bator Training & Consulting Inc. has launched strategic planning seminars aimed at helping credit unions with under $100 million in assets.

  • League of Southeast toHold Oil Spill Webinar

    Credit union executives joined by Gulf Coast regulators are slated to take part in an Aug. 30 workshop-webinar

  • NACUSO Gears Up

    In its continued quest to accommodate credit unions dealing with slashed travel budgets, NACUSO is prepping for its second regional meeting in Denver.

  • Southeast Corp Touts Corporate Services

    With all the turbulence associated with corporates these days, Southeast Corporate is doing its part to remind members of the value they provide.

  • Incubator Gets Funding

    A $2,500 grant from St. Mary's Bank aims to aid a New Hampshire incubator help small businesses with growth strategies.

  • Web CDs May Not Be Best Deal in Town

    Rates on certificates of deposit at Internet-based banks may be above the national average rate but they come in second at some traditional financial institutions.

  • Wings Financial Merger

    The $2.7 billion Wings Financial Credit Union has announced merger plans for the second time this summer, this time with the $450 million City-County Federal Credit Union.

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  • West

    Columbia Credit Union, Vancouver, Wash., elected incumbents Phil Andrews, John Dingethal and Chuck McDonald to the board of directors, while Lowell McDougal and Martin Oreschnigg assumed roles on the supervisory committee.


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