Credit Union Times Magazine August 15, 2012

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  • Iowa Weathered Recession, But Now Battles Drought

    The financial crisis that ripped through most of the country during the past four years had left Iowa virtually unscathed. Earlier this summer, unemployment was relatively low, home prices were stable and farm incomes were on the rise. Iowa credit unions reported one of the nation’s highest return on...

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Editor-in-Chief's Column

  • ICBA Emits Bankrupt Howls After Low-Income CU Move

    As drought-stricken businesses across the country are in dire need of assistance, the Obama administration asked the regulators to find ways to provide aid. The NCUA responded by informing 1,003 credit unions of their eligibility for low-income designation and allowing them to opt-in rather than slogging through paperwork.

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  • Auto Revival Wave Is There to Ride: Guest Opinion

    Auto lending has traditionally been the backbone of many credit union lending operations. Some lenders have recently benefited from the Cash for Clunkers program and from the rebound in auto sales since the recession.

  • Save Gen Y, One Intern at a Time: Guest Opinion

    It’s Sunday, and I’m reading the newspapers and watching the talk shows, trying to digest the political commentary that consumes all of us. My perception and conclusion is that based on the content and the harsh tones, the environment in this country is filled with incredible toxicity.

  • MBL Participations Can Help You Serve Members: Guest Opinion

    In a recent nationwide survey of small businesses, nearly two-thirds said it has become significantly harder to get loans today than just a few years ago. Similarly, a National Federation of Independent Business survey found a nearly 10% increase in the number of small businesses trying to borrow but no...

Letters to the editor

  • Letter: Ed Speed’s Views Are ‘Just Plain Wrong’

    I read with great interest Edward Speed’s Guest Opinion [July 18 issue, page 12]. I appreciate Speed sharing his thoughts about regulators, trade associations, CUSOs and business lending. We need to dialog about the issues we face so that collectively we can make the right decisions.

  • NCUA Welcomes Your Input On Proposed Rule

    One of the things I remember growing up was the monthly newsletter my parents would receive from our congressman, the late Edward J. Derwinski. He would end each correspondence with the saying, “Remember, no one wielded a scepter more powerful than a person who picks up a pencil to write...

News Briefs

  • Randolph-Brooks FCU Now 400,000 Members Strong

    Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union, based in Live Oak, Texas, has increased membership rapidly during the past several years, culminating recently in a milestone.

  • Parkside CU Names CEO

    Parkside Credit Union of Livonia, Mich., announced that Martin Carter will join the credit union as president and chief executive officer. Carter brings more than 30 years of credit union industry experience to this position.

  • Smart Card Alliance Launches EMV Forum

    The Smart Card Alliance, an industry group organized to promote wider use of cards enabled with computer chips, is starting a forum designed to facilitate the implementation of cards with chips in the U.S.

  • Interest Rate Risk Rule Spurs NCUA Q&A

    The NCUA has released a letter to credit unions and question-and-answer sheet regarding the new interest rate risk management rule, which takes effect Sept. 30, and posted it on the NCUA’s website.

  • NCUA Appoints New Risk Manager

    NCUA Board Chairman Debbie Matz last week announced the appointment of JeanMarie Komyathy as director of risk management in the Office of Examination and Insurance. Komyathy assumes her new duties September 3.


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