Credit Union Times Magazine April, 17 2013

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  • Dribs and Drabs for the Credit Union Long Haul

    I spent a few hours driving to the Credit Union Reality Check conference last week and it afforded me time to ponder various things, like how Siri can provide one set of directions on one trip and different ones on the next trip to the same location. But I was...

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  • How Zara Took Customer Focus to New Heights

    Zara is the flagship store of the Inditex group, the world’s largest clothing retailer. The company is an excellent example of how putting the customer in control, having collaboration infused into the culture, building seamless communication into the organization, using big data in day-to-day operations and implementing very effective processes...

  • Many Put Industry on Path to Mediocrity: Opinion

    All of us in the credit union industry–regulators, credit union professionals and directors–have a role to play. Our actions have consequences both short term and long term. I fear that the actions of some of us are leading credit unions on a path to mediocrity.


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