Credit Union Times Magazine September-10, 2008


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  • Credit Unions Need to Eye the Storm

    Everyone in the area, including credit unions, either got out of town or battened down the hatches, preparing for what New Orleans Mayor Nagin called "the mother of all storms." Nearly 2 million people were evacuated from the area expected to feel the brunt of Gustav's fury.

Quotes Worth Quoting

  • Quotes Worth Quoting

    "Getting more volunteers into elected leadership positions in NAFCU and other lobbying groups remains an issue since it was brought up three years ago in Las Vegas. In my view, we really haven't made that much progress, and what I've seen is mostly lip service in addressing the problem. This...

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    Capital Communications, Albany, N.Y., held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for its newest branch in Cohoes. Assemblyman Ronald Canestrari, Barbara Hildreth, chair of the Business Council of Cohoes of the Albany-Colonie Regional Chamber of Commerce and Cohoes Mayor John T. McDonald III attended the ceremony. The ceremony included a special check presentation...

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