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  • You Can't Win 'Em All but We Must Keep Trying

    Two years ago in the 2006 election cycle, the Credit Union Association of Colorado backed Jeff Crank, a credit union supporter, in a crowded Republican primary field for an open congressional seat in the Colorado Springs area.

  • NCUSIF Is Just as Safe

    In recent days there has been talk of federal deposit insurance for consumer deposits in financial institutions throughout the media. President Bush, Secretary of the Treasury Paulson, and Federal Reserve Board Chairman Bernanke have been quoted, appropriately, as saying that consumers should consider their deposits safe in FDIC-insured accounts.

  • Much Room for CU Growth if They Keep Lending Wisely

    I heartily agree with NAFCU President Fred Becker's comments in the Sept. 17, 2008, issue of Credit Union Times, which encouraged credit unions to focus on making responsible loans to members. Becker noted that credit unions have increased their market share of home mortgage loans--to 3.6%. While I applaud the...

Quotes Worth Quoting



    Mid-Atlantic Federal Credit Union, Germantown, Md., was selected as a workplace excellence award winner by the Alliance for Workplace Excellence for the second year in a row. In order to be considered for the award, Mid-Atlantic had to complete an assessment that was reviewed by an independent review panel of...

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