Credit Union Times Magazine March-05, 2008


  • Wisconsin Bankers Call Attack on CRA Bill as 'Spin'

    MADISON, Wis. -- In separate actions Tuesday, the Wisconsin Bankers Association insisted Tuesday a bill introduced last week to impose Community Reinvestment Act rules on credit unions has plenty of staying power this session while also moving to amend the measure eliminating CUs under $100 million.

  • Document Management Tools Deployed by WECU

    BELLINGHAM, Wash. -- Managing old documents to meet compliance regulations has been automated at Whatcom Educational Credit Union (

  • 90% Get Rehired at Norlarco

    FORT COLLINS, Colo. -- Demonstrating again what it says is a good faith gesture, Public Service Credit Union said this week it has rehired more than 90% of the employees at the now defunct Norlarco Credit Union which it took over last Friday.

  • uMonitor Lands Three More CU Clients

    WASHINGTON -- Parsam Technologies said it has signed three more credit unions as users of its online account opening and funding solutions.

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  • No Banks Allowed

    In almost every issue of Credit Union Times as far back as I can remember there is mention of some dastardly deed perpetrated against the CU industry by those loathsome bankers. All the while, our trade associations have spent millions of credit union dues dollars fighting back. And, the CU...


  • Commercial Real Estate -- A Second Bubble (Quietly) Pops

    The signs are mounting that commercial mortgage-backed securities will be the "subprime story" of 2008. A startling report from Goldman Sachs has raised concerns that the losses caused by non-performing commercial mortgages will rival the losses related to subprime residential mortgages. According to Goldman Sachs, the bad commercial real estate...

  • Meeting the Regulatory Challenges

    While protecting safety and soundness of credit unions and looking out for consumer interests, undue burdens should not be heaped on credit unions, choking out effective service to members, or bogging down the efficiency of the operations.

  • Credit Cards: A Credit Union Success Story

    I was pleased to see the recent reports that fewer credit unions are selling their card portfolios and credit union card programs are out-competing other financial institutions (Credit Union Times, Jan. 16, 2008). It's a great success story for credit unions, and as a former credit union executive it's a...

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  • Technology Is in Your Future

    The future for credit unions is electrifying--literally. Implementing the best that modern technology has to offer is the way to go, in terms of cost savings as well as service. Attracting the up-and-coming generation of 'grown-ups' (a.k.a. borrowers) is crucial to the survival of the credit union community, and one...

Quotes Worth Quoting

  • Quotes Worth Quoting

    "When I first joined St. Mary's 15 yrs ago I had the opportunity to see the DesJardins Group home while attending a national credit union roundtable in Quebec and when I got back I asked the board why can't we do something similar and have a credit union museum at...

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