Credit Union Times Magazine April-09, 2008

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    MidSouth Federal Credit Union, Macon, Ga., made a sponsorship donation to the Macon Georgia Film & Video Festival. The festival was created to celebrate film & video and give light to films that rarely appear in Macon, such as independent, experimental, and short length films.


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  • These Tough Times Call for Smart Measures That Fully Leverage Technology

    By any standards, this is perhaps the toughest time ever to run a credit union. Tight net interest margins, rising labor costs, ever-increasing competition, and flat membership growth all combine to create an extremely challenging environment in which to operate. It's precisely this kind of environment that proves the wisdom...

Publisher's Column

  • Credit Unions Will Escape Treasury Consolidation... Again

    They've done it before and they'll do it again. Picture it, early 1991. Congress is just returning from winter break and, boom, the Deposit Insurance and Regulatory Reform Act (H.R. 6) is introduced by Democratic Congressman Henry Gonzalez (Texas). The bill would, among other things, fold all the financial institution...



Letters to the editor

  • Credit Unions Need Media Programs

    Thanks for a great column (CU Times, March 26, 2008) on working with the media. This is so important for credit unions to know. It is my firm belief that media coverage is the only way credit unions will change perceptions, and it's encouraging to see more and more credit...

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