Credit Union Times Magazine October-10, 2007

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  • Security Information Management Tools on Upswing

    IT security chiefs at big credit unions who find themselves deploying security information management (SIM) tools are not alone. Software that provides visibility to IT security throughout an enterprise is a fast-growing business, according to Forrester Research.

  • Early Adopters of Tech Offerings Do More Online Financial Work

    Those who go first do more. That's one conclusion of a sweeping survey of more than 56,000 adults in the United States and Canada by Forrester Research to see how people are using technology. The researchers found that "early adopters" comprise the first wave of buyers and tend to be...

  • Disaster Recovery Not a Priority for Many Enterprises

    Credit unions may be ahead of the overall business curve when it comes to disaster preparedness. According to a survey by Forrester Research's Enterprise and SMB Hardware Survey of North America and Europe, about 27% of all enterprises do not have a disaster recovery site in the event of a...

Letters to the editor

  • Congrats to Mica

    I fully concur with your support of Dan Mica's reappointment as head of CUNA. He is very "savvy" within the legislative milieu. He has certainly stood the test of time and has been quite effective in working with members of congress.

  • United We Stand? Yeah Right

    In light of the turmoil that faces our industry, I find it somewhat galling that the credit union movement continues to shoot itself in the foot on a much more frequent basis. From NAFCU deciding to help deliver ammunition to our banker friends by involving itself in a state insurance...


Publisher's Column

  • What to do About Overdraft Protection

    Overdraft protection continues to crop up as an issue that Congress is determined to deal with. The problem is there is very little consensus among financial institutions on what to do about what Congress says are abusive practices of overdraft protection.



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