Credit Union Times Magazine June-20, 2007

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  • Credit Union Vendors Should Support Movement

    Vendors, like Fuze, who focus a significant portion of their business with credit unions commonly say they are strong supporters of the credit union movement. In most cases what that means is that they believe in the basic tenets of the movement and believe their products and services help credit...

  • National Enquirer? Don't Give it a Second Thought

    After reading Paul Gentile's Editor's Column in the May 30 issue regarding the National Enquirer comment, I felt compelled to write to you in support of the excellent service you provide to the credit union field. I am completing my first three-year term as director at the Nassau Educators Federal...

  • Rogers Is Wrong About Edwards-Noice

    I have just read Bill Roger's letter to the editor in the June 6 issue regarding Nationwide Federal Credit Union's conversion and his criticism of Paula Edwards-Noice. It is clear from his letter that Mr. Rogers has never spoken personally with Paula, and is not aware of the unique facts...

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  • Correction

    In the June 11 Special Report on Auto Lending a story on DealerTrack contained two errors: the company signed up 100 new CUs from Jan. '06- May '07, not Jan. '07- May '07 as written. Also, the reference in support for the 70-80% of financing being indirect is from the...

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