Credit Union Times Magazine August-22, 2007

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  • Gentile Off the Mark on Industry Assumptions

    I was disappointed to read Paul Gentile's column in the August 1 issue that suggested large credit unions run this industry and, moreover, that they are apathetic about CURIA. Neither of these assertions could be further from the truth.

  • Large CEOs Care About CURIA

    Paul Gentile suggested in his Aug. 1 column that the large credit union CEOs who control the industry "could care less" if CURIA passes or not. This has not been my experience. At $200 million, we certainly don't fall in the large credit union category, but in the circles I...

  • CURIA Support is Deeper Than Gentile Knows

    The allegation in Paul Gentile's Aug.1, 2007 column of a lack of support for CURIA by large credit union CEOs, and insinuation that it's part of a plot to take over smaller credit unions, are not only unsupported, they're wrong, potentially damaging to the entire credit union movement, and give...


Publisher's Column

  • Some Well Deserved Kudos

    It's easy to fall into the trap of thinking the media only covers the bad news, the ugly stories, the dirty laundry. I think the coverage is just more ubiquitous and exhausting than ever before, so it's always going to seem like the bad stuff is overblown.

Quotes Worth Quoting

  • Quotes Worth Quoting

    "Look at VyStar they've grown exponentially since their name change but at first people were like what is that? Now it is a powerhouse name in northeastern Florida. What I tell people who complain about the name change is that ultimately it is not about a name but our service,...

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